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What is Ikebana?

Ikebana is the art of arranging flowers. In Japanese "ike" means to arrange and "bana" ori-gens from the word "hana" meaning flower.

In Ikebana the flowers and branches are arranged so that they appear in a beautiful, simpel, and natural way.


Apart from fresh flowers and branches, wood, metal, plastic and many other things can be used.

The shape and colour of the vase is also of great importance to the final arrangement.

Ikebana came to Japan with Buddhism from India via China, around year 6oo a.d. Like in many other religions, the alters in the Japanese temples were also decorated with flowers and fruits. These offerings were the origin of Ikebana.

Many people might feel that Ikebana does not fit into a Western-style home. But on the other hand an Ikebana arrangement matches very well with a light-coloured wall, or a brick wall or any other kind of home.

Ikebana is not only about two branches and three flowers in a ball. The interaction between the vase and the branches and the flowers are together creating the final harmony.

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